Core Value:

1-  Reliability
We place trust and loyalty between our customers, colleagues and business partners, appreciate our commitments with companies, and keep our promises in a timely and complete manner.

2-  Pleasing and appreciating the employee
We value our employees and support their professional development. We focus on delegation and encourage our staff to take the initiative. We believe that a fair performance management system is necessary to improve efficiency.

3-  Transparency
Transparency and disclosure in such a way that the relevant authorities can evaluate the bank's situation and financial performance.

4-  Accountability
Accountability in relations between the Executive Bank's management and the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors and shareholders, and between the Board of Directors and other relevant entities.

5-  Responsibility
By taking responsibility for the safety of all the bank's procedures, including its financial situation and reputation, and the responsibility to implement the requirements of the Central Bank of Iraq as well as the requirements of other regulatory and regulatory bodies.

6-  Independence
Througha clear separation of the responsibilities of the Board of Directors, executive management and devolution of powers.

7-  Sustainability
Comprehensive development is one of the goals that societies seek to achieve and within its duties andsocial responsibilities the Bank of al Janoob seeks to promote comprehensive development, and contribute to it and come many strategic goals to express.
About the bank's role in achieving comprehensive development goals. And it reflects Patient of  our social responsibility in particular.
Iraq has signed the global agenda adopted by the United Nations in 2020 to achieve comprehensive development. 
This is about achieving financial inclusion for all sectors of society, providing advanced banking services and making them accessible to all segments of society.