AL-Janoob Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance
Bank Services
Banking awareness and public protection .
On the basis of the instructions of the Central Bank and for the purpose of strengthening the bonds of trust and confidence between the bank and the general public and the dissemination of banking awareness
Between customers and employees, protecting and educating the public and the impact on the stability of financial transactions .

1-Receiving complaints and inquiries about any violation and observation under the form prepared for this purpose and receive complaints
In the following ways ..

  - Email .
- Personal Mail .
- Mobile phone .

By filling out the form prepared for this purpose and sending it via the above methods click here

2-After reviewing the complaints, the department shall submit its opinion to the customer within a period of maximum (15) days and you will be informed of the results within (5) days from the date of completion of theinvestigation .

3-If you do not attend, the reply will be sent by e-mail or registered mail .
-E - mail : [email protected]
-Or call 07797775516

4-Complaints to us will be strictly confidential and will prevent leakage of information about our customers .

5- Employees of the Banking and Public Protection Section will respond to your inquiries about the Bank's products

6- The subject of the complaint should not be considered before the courts

7- The bank shall refrain from presenting the customer to the judiciary as long as the complaint submitted by the client is still visible from the department