Al Janoob Islamic Bank is guided by a Shari'ah Supervisory Board which reviews the Bank's activities to ensure that all products and investment transactions comply fully with the rules and principles of Islamic Shari'ah. The Shari’ah Supervisory Board consists of minimum 3 members appointed by the Board of Directors for two years’ term.
Duties and Responsibilities of the Shari’ah Supervisory Board (SSB):


  1. Responsible and accountable for all Shari’ah decision, opinions and views provided in the course of discharging the duties and responsibilities a member of SSB.
  2. Provide input, advice, guidance to the Board of JIB on Shari’ah matters in order for JIB to comply with principles of Shari’ah at all times.
  3. Endorse Shari’ah policies and procedures as well as ensure that the contents do not contain any elements which are not in line with Shari’ah principles.
  4. Endorse, validate and approve documentation for compliance with Shari’ah principles:
     1-The terms and conditions contained in the forms, contracts, agreements and/or other legal documents used in executing the transactions.
     2-The product manual, marketing advertisements, sale illustrations and brochures used to describe the product.
  5. Review the work carried out by Shari’ah audit in order to ensure compliance with Shari’ah matters which forms part of their duties in providing their assessment of Shari’ah compliance and assurance information in the Annual Report.
  6. Ensure that all earnings realized from sources or by means prohibited by Shari’ah are disposed of to charitable causes.
  7. Ensure that the calculation of Zakat is in compliance with Shari’ah.
  8. Assist the related parties of JIB such as legal counsel, auditor, a consultant who may seek Shari’ah matters.
  9. Provide written Shari’ah opinions in circumstances where JIB goes for new product approval.
  10. Provide Shari’ah advisory and consultancy services in all matters relating to JIB’s products, transactions, and activities as well as other businesses involving JIB.
  11. Scrutinize and endorse the annual financial report of JIB.
  12. Provide training to the employees as well as notes or relevant materials for their reference.
  13. Represent JIB or to attend any meetings with Islamic regulatory bodies or other relevant bodies concerning  Shari’ah issues relating to JIB
  14. The SSB shall maintain confidentiality and shall responsible for the safeguarding of confidential information. He or she should maintain all information in strict confidence, except when disclosure is authorized by JIB or required by law.
  15. The SSB shall ensure the quality and consistency of the Shari’ah decisions.