Our current accounts are interest-free, they are specially made to meet the needs of customers desire to deposit funds or withdraw by cheques, through cashiers in bank branches or through ATMs, this account is available for corporats, institutions and individuals, this account gives many advantages and benefits including:

- Cheque books in all available categories:
                  - Individual 10 paper
                  - Individual 25 paper
                  - Individual 50 paper
                  - Corporate 50 paper
                  - Bank cheques 60 paper

- Debit cards which allow users to perform the operations below:
- Cash withdrawal through the ATMs of AL Janoob Islamic Bank across Iraq and also ATMs of other banks inside and outside of Iraq.
- Cash withdrawal on POC devices available.
- Purchase through POS inside and outside Iraq.
- Online purchase and promotion.
- Account statement.
- Free access to E-banking channels such as online banking, mobile banking and bank application.
- Internal and external money transactions.
- Advantage of opening the account in many currencies (Iraqi Dinar, US Dollar, Euro and British Pound).
- Free SMS service for account movement.
- Call centre service 24/7.
- Legal age for opening an account over 18 years.

Individuals account opening requirement:

National ID card.
- Resident card.
- Passport.
- 2 Personal pictures
- For Foreigners copy of passport and residency.
- Job documents.

Corporate account opening requirement:

managing Director documents, or deputy manager if he has authorisation.
- Passport or ID all shareholders who own the company capital or more than 10% of the company shares.
- Company documents.
- The financial statements for the last fiscal year audited by the secondary accountant and certified.
- Tax clearance for the last fiscal year.
- A sample of contracts, agreements and commercial invoices that enhance the nature of the company activity to clarify sources of the deposited funds.
- Clarification to the type of business expected to be carried out through the account and expected beneficiaries.
- Names of the authorised people to sign cheques deposit and withdraw.
- Full scanning to the beneficiary information.
- Money transfer companies and exchange should have work clearance from Iraqi central bank.